CAWPA is the Cable and Wireless Pensioners Association. It used to be run by the Pensions Office of Cable and Wireless, but since that ceased to function it has been set up as a private not for profit company. Its primary function is the production of a newsletter which is issued four times per year and contains articles of interest to those with a connection to Cable and Wireless, it also provides the means for ex-Cable and Wireless staff to keep in touch.


Use the contact form to enquire about any listed events.

EROS Luncheon - Saturday 29th April 2023 at the RAF Club, Piccadilly, London.

C&W Reunion Lunch - Usually in May at the Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard, London

Torquay Lunch - Saturday 8th October 2022

The current subscriptions rates for the printed edition are £15 in the UK and £22 elsewhere.

The newsletter is also available in electronic format, see the separate section for that.

Anyone with a connection to Cable and Wireless is welcome to subscribe.

You can pay on line using the button below, or you can pay by cheque or standing order, if you wish to do either of these please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please note that the subscription year runs from July to June the following year, if you subscribe in the middle of a year we will where possible send you back copies for that year and your subscription will run until the end of June. However to reduce costs we print very few extra copies and if we are not able to provide back issues, we will contact you and make appropriate arrangements.

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If you have the code for the current issue (this is sent to all electronic subscribers when an issue is printed) you can download the current copy and copies from our archives.

If you know you are already in the database and want to get the current link then enter your email to get the code emailed to you.

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If you would like to receive the electronic version then please contact us.

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Since the breakup of Cable and Wireless the original pension scheme has been split into two with some members being transferred to the Vodafone scheme administered by Towers Watson and some with the original scheme now administered by Premier.

You will need to check which scheme your are in, this should be noted on your annual payslip or P40.

Links to the relevant sites are as follows :

C+W/Premier Vodafone/Towers Watson

CAWCOM is an e-mail list run for the benefit of ex Cable and Wireless staff so they can stay in touch.

The CAWCOM website is also operated by CAWPA.

Use the button below to go to the CAWCOM website for further information if you are interested. www.cawcom.com

Porthcurno or PK will be familiar to most ex C+W staff as the home of the college and basic and advance training. It is now a museum that is well worth visiting if only for the memories it brings back. Use the link below to visit thier website.


The Electra House Retired Colleagues Association (EHRCA) set up in 1983 is dedicated to the memory of Electra House and all the people who worked there over the years.

It also honours the Overseas Telegraphs Area Offices (OTAOs) - Broadway, Livonia Street, Falcon House and St. Botolph's, as well as the Central Telegraph Office (CTO) and it's successor, Fleet Building.

The website has been designed to share news, photos and memories, together with information concerning forthcoming events.


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